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Family Style

Crack the Spine, Issue 250

We submerged ourselves in cookbooks, using the same autodidactic skills we’d developed as homeschoolers to study history, math, and science. In this way, we learned recipes and techniques, and began to experiment. We wanted to eat good food, yes, but there was something more. I think we also sought a common history and sense of community that we found lacking in our young lives.

How to Knit Baby Socks

Gravel, December 2018

P2tog, closing the gap, P1, turn. Continue in this way until you have worked to the desired length of the heel flap. Spend some time staring at it thinking about the little foot that will fill it one day. Hopefully. Feel a little stupid because you are not even pregnant yet. That’s how much you don’t know if you can do this. You haven’t even done the first part.